The Time of Divinity Lost, when the gods of old were cast down to Peradine, one thousand and twenty years ago. The sages say the shift from an Immortal all powerful being, to creature of aches, pains and mortality, caused them to go mad. In their madness, all sense of good, evil, life or death, even simple right and wrong, were replaced by revenge and hopeless rage. Although now mortal, they still possessed immense power and inhuman strength. Villages burned in their wake, any creatures who passed them died horribly or worse.

A band of heroes arose from the chaos to stop these rampaging titans. Kveykva, a paladin, Magus Myrkr, a Follower of the Stone named Jord, the infamous pirate Vatn, a barbarian savage named Bal and Lopt the Bard who was simple in the right place at the right time.

Fighting and slaying these former gods granted the heroes each a power of the defeated god, after their thousand year quest, they each became the new gods of this world.

Now, the world in chaos, each of the heroes have gone there own way. Most have turned their back on the world, no longer needing or wanting it. Some have sought answers to immortal questions, while others have turned eyes to conquest using their new god like powers.

Will a new group of heroes find a way to bring order back to the lands?

Divinity Lost