God King of Lothril


Kveykva is the God King of the Capital City Lothril. He still wears the same armor he wore when he smote the last Mad God, simple plate-mail with a closed visored helm. He sits on his throne of marble, his golden glowing eyes staring forward, his mace across this lap. He has rarely leaves, speaks, or moves.


One thousand twenty years ago, Kveykva was a holy paladin of the goddess Thisdel. When Time of Divinity Lost occurred, he took it upon himself to try to bring Thisdel back to the light she taught him. With his band of adventureres, Kveykva confronted his goddess. In her blind fury she unleashed her divine wrath upon him, with a deep sigh, Kveykva brought his mace “Thisdel’s Light” down on his goddess, ending her.

Looking down on his fallen foe and deity, Kveykva saw an inner light from under her robes. Reaching down his mailed glove, he gripped this light and took it into himself. This was the first time he took a divine spark, this spark granted him the power to see anything, everywhere. Using this golden sight, he lead his band across Peradine, hunting the mad gods. One thousand years later, his quest over, he took over the capital City of Lothril, and chose to keep his friend Myrkr to dual rule the kingdom.


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