Mage God of Lothril


Tall and thin, he is never without a tome of knowledge in his hands. He speaks softly, weighing each word. He is seen carrying many scrolls on his belt at any given time.

His eyes are the color of ice with as much warmth and his blonde hair is almost bone white.


Long time companion and friend of Kveykva, who always assisted his paladin companion’s zealousness with practicality. When the Time of Divinity Lost began, Myrkr found that he can no longer cast spells. The words became meaningless garble, his pouches now full of useless randomness. Instead of falling in to panic, he researched and tested, finding that Scrolls and other pre-made magical items still function. Upon his research, he also discovered that all magic was controlled by Prisma Goddess of Secrets, who in her mortality induced madness, shut the access to this world.

When Kveykva came to him asking for magical assistance in bringing clarity to the paladin’s goddess mind, Myrkr agreed instantly. If Thisdel can be brought to reason, then Prisma can be brought to reason as well. Alas, Thisdel was inconsolable, mortality just to much for the all powerful being to deal with, and forced her most loyal paladin to slay her. Myrkr felt a moment of sorrow, until Kveykva obtained Thisdel’s divine spark, gaining divine sight. The wizard knew the only way to restore his power is to take Prisma’s shard of divinity. Manipulating Kveykva by twisting logic and white lies, Myrkr convinced the paladin to assist him in hunting and slaying the Goddess of Secrets.

Before the final blow was struck, Myrkr shoved his dagger, Soul Drinker, into Prisma’s chest, cut the goddess open and forcibly ripped out the Shard, gaining control over the magic of this world. Ignoring the shocked looks from his companions, he simply stated,“We became invested in this path since Kveykva drew the power from Thisdel. We need the power to stop the mad gods, I care not for your judgement.”

After 1000 years of hunting, slaying, and stealing, he now rules the Last City of Man, Lothril with Kveykva. He spends every waking moment researching ways to expand his power and coming to terms that he is now the source of all magic on this world. Due to this, magic use has been deemed illegal without express permission from the Mage God himself.

At times he holds meetings with the city’s counsel and his personal clergy, The Academics.


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